Add a new original Tonie to the database tonies.json

Hello everyone.
I have a (perhaps stupid) question.
I’ve already tried searching, but unfortunately without success.
We have a new Clever Tonie. “Ostwind - Pferde verstehen mit Ostwind” (tonies® I Clever Tonie Ostwind - Pferde verstehen mit Ostwind I Jetzt im Shop kaufen) which is probably not in the database.
Can I help so that the Tonie is included?
What information is needed for this and where can I send the information?
I also have a Github account and could also “help” there, but unfortunately I have little to no experience in programming.


Hey there,

we scrape tonies shop regularly to get all the tonies into the json.
The data is stored within yaml files which are named by the model numer. The number ‘11000768’ is currently missing.
So there is either a bug inside our scraper or we’re missing parts of the shop. I think the source of the problem is, that the clever tonies are inside another section. We will investigate that.

Thank you for your report. =)

It is now available in the tonies-json.

As soon as you restart teddyCloud it should redownload the json and you may set the model for your figurine within teddyCloud to have a nice picture.

Thank you very much.
It worked, but I had to set the Tonie manually (as you said).

AudioID, Hash, Size and Tracks info is missing in JSON. If you provide the data, i can add a PR to tonies-json repo.

You can find this info e.g. in ‘old’ web on TAF:


Hi OliKo,
here is the information from the TAF file:

Audio timestamp: 28.2.2024, 16:23:21 (1709133801)
Hash: 8dba747d2d0d3e0f1a802529ee92a40aedfa178f
Audio Size/Tracks: 79052044/50

Thank you!

PR created. Waiting for @0xbadbee to merge it. .
PR merged → restart TeddyCloud to trigger download of latest 'tonies.json.

You are welcome.