Basic question to TeddyBench

Hey all :slight_smile:
I have started upgrading my son´s Toniebox yesterday. Implementation of the cable and placing of the SD card reader directly under the bottom box cover worked well. Box is now cut from the internet and a new 32GB SD card is working well. Now I am struggling a bit with managing the content in TeddyBench. I hope you can help me.

Currently we have 3 Standard Tonies, 2 Creative Tonies and I have 1 RFID Tag for practicing :slight_smile:

Here a screenshot of my issue:

When I open Teddy bench you can see, the “normal” Tonies are displayed correctly, both creative Tonies and the RFID Tag are displayed as “unknown” (Picture 1). So far so good, I startet renaming them as you can see in Picture 2.

My issue is, that when I close TeddyBench and restart it and reload the content of the SD-Card, the renaming is gone and the Tonies are named again as in picture 1 above. I cannot find any “save” button or sth. like that. Is there a chance to save these changes ? Sorry for that noob question, but I currently have no clue how to handle that. Every answer is highly appreciated :smiley:

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  • When I add a new file it is asking first “Do you want to set a specific audio ID” What exactly does that mean and what is it used for ?
  • What does “Toggle Live flag” mean?

This is the live feature identical to the naming of boxine themselves. This means, the tag will always be played from the beginning and will be deleted when the box is online to download new content (or remove custom tags).

The audio id identifies the content and is identical to the current unixtime. If you set it to an audio id that known by boxine, a custom tag is not marked as live when online. This only works if the audio id is the latest content of the tonies audio id you use.
So usually just keep it as it is.

That’s a topic for somebody regularly using teddyBench, so not me.

Thank you for the clarification of the first two questions.

I hope a regular TeddyBench user will have a look at the last question, as this is really confusing :slight_smile:
Br, Hazling

I recently began using TeddyBench. Upon opening the application, there is a brief delay as it loads the icons and names. However, once loaded, the assigned names for custom tonies become visible. Notably, there is no need for a save button or a similar mechanism. Consider updating to the latest version or trying a different SDcard.

Ha, I finally found out what the issue was! I have stored the files and also the .json in the C:\programmx86 folder. Issue was, that admin rights are needed to do updates there. That means, the adjusted names were never stored (without error message).
Perhaps it makes sense to add a remark to the .readme file or whatever. At least, now I am happy :slight_smile:
Greetz Hazling

Other Question: Is it possible to add customt icons for the custom tonies in Teddybench? :smiley: