Box reset on its own. What are the Steps to get it back working?

Hello together.

our Toniebox (ESP32 + teddycloud) resetted itself (i do not know why). So now it asks me to do the normal getting starting steps (like fresh out of the box) just the problem that it can not connect to our Wifi. It is pulsing blue then i can select a Wifi via Phone. After that it produces an error “Murmeltier”.

I have all the Backups (SD Card/org firmware +certs/ modified Firmware)

Before i try and error everything did anybody had the same problem and knows the fastest way to get it working again.

My first try would be to solder the jumper to get it in download mode and flassh the original Firmware. But i am not sure if this is enough.

I can imagine the better way would be to flash the original firmware. Setting it up correctly and then flashing the modified firmware again.

any suggestions or experience?

Best regards

Please check the logs of teddyCloud. Does the box successfully connects to it?

Maybe the box reset because there was some glitch that made the box think the firmware is broken, so it fell back to the production firmware, which is only able to download a firmware update (teddyCloud cannot provide).
If you haven’t patched your hostname you may try to enable the cloud passthrough of the firmware updates (OTA) to fix that.
If you have patched your hostname, then reflashing your patched firmware should fix it.

Hi thank you.

i will try to flash the patched firmware then and try.

So my log is a bit big right now can i somehow delete it? I would try to connect the box again after that and would send you the log file.

Best regards and thanx

Just restart teddyCloud and cut the log if your docker environment saves the logfiles.

I am just curious if the box tries to connect to teddyCloud, the certs are okay or the box isn’t connecting at all (hostname is the original again.)