Cannot upload audio files with the web API

It seems I can upload small files but a proper audio file with 57MB failed. I tried in several locations.

Is this a known issue? What might I be doing wrong?

It may be just very slow and takes several minutes.

Is there something I could check to see if it’s making progress?

You may check the dev console (network) of your browser.

A few tests show that I get about 0.13MB/s so it just takes a solid 7 minutes. Knowing that and being very patient, it seems to work fine.

I couldn’t find anything showing actual progress there.

You could click on the refresh button in the gui and then the file size increases

No, this breaks the connection and on Hackiebox you have no file browser.

Edit: aaah. Topic is about CFW… i wrote about teddycloud. My mistake :frowning: