Changelog / Release Description


first of all, it’s wonderful, that there are so many releases and new features are made available in such a high frequency.

But always there is a but…

The changelog gives some hints what was done, but sometimes they leave more questions than answers.

Maybe this could be improved a little bit in future? Give a short summary what was added or fixed for someone who is not deep in the sources…

So for the current 0.4.4 release there are some points which sound interesting and are good new features, but details what to expect are missing…

Or as part of finishing a feature is also extending the documentation of teddycoud?

Anyway to support you there?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hey there,
thank you for your message.

I currently focus on making teddyCloud feature complete and useable for non techies. Therefor many changes are technical groundwork for that. So it is difficult to describe the changes.

The TAPs are currently only available in the backend, there will be more information, if it available on the frontend.

It prepares the authentication part. There were several people that would like to protect the webinterface. This way you could protect the backend via nginx and still use https for the toniebox without exposing the webinterface via https.

Teddycloud created E004* folders with random json files.

It prepares OTA which would allow a factory reset and OTA manipulation. Currently, only caching works.

Please get in touch via Telegram. =)

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Thanks for the detailed reply!

Currently I am not using telegram… but maybe I will do so. Have to think about.