I get the following error when accessing teddycloud via https but only on my win 11 machine. On another machine with win10 the same request works fine.


What am I missing here?

Can you post the docker logs for each case?

Can you clear cache on both before?

Why do you want to use HTTPS?

unfortently I cannot reproduce the error… this topic can be closed.

I have also run across this error. The solution is that WIN 11 doesn’t recognize teddycloud’s self signed cert. You’ll have to copy the CA cert from the /certs/server folder of teddycloud, and install it to your WIN11 machine. EDIT: I forgot about an additional step I took. I also added the CA cert from teddycloud to Google Chrome’s security cert database. (Settings->privacy and security->Security->Manage Certificates)

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HTTPS is needed to flash tonieboxes over webserial