Custom NFC Tags


i bought nfc tags from electricky :slight_smile:
Everything seems to be fine.
I’m able readout the UUID with my phone an take the first 8 digits for the folder name on the SD-Card.
I check this part many times.
UUID an my phone C9:DB:92:12:50:03:04:E0.
I named the folder C9DB9212 on the sdcard becouse the app put out the UUID reversed.

But the toniebox tell me error “murmeltier”
Afer first contact with the box my nfs tag is protected and i can’t read out it again with my phone.
The trick with only short contact with the box (to avoid the protection - menioned in the 37c3 video) worked after many tries.

whats probably wrong?

after checking the SD card again - the folder \CONTENT\C9DB9212 is empty and is moved to \TRASHCAN\A50 …

How you created your content file? Is your box online? (This will mark custom content for deletion.)

hmmm …

now i’m clear with useage of custom nfc tags :wink:

The box may be connected to the internet and the box is able to update creativ tonies without losing the data from my own NFCs.
Only when I use my own NFCs again / put them on the box, the box have to be disconnected from the internet again otherwise i will loste the content.

exactly. either disconnected from internet or in offline mode.

NFC Tools displays the UID in reverse order did you try to name the folder 1292DBC9?
(in addition to disconnecting the box from the internet)