Duplicate entry in 'tonies.json'

Hello Guys,
i found a duplicate audio id 1673424674 in ‘tonies.json’.

It is listed as:

  • Peppa Pig - Die schönsten Geschichten von Schorsch → 1673424674
  • Peppa Pig - Gute-Nacht Geschichten mit Peppa → 1681392692

Correct is first match Peppa Pig - Die schönsten Geschichten von Schorsch.


Thank you

Fixed in: tonies-json/yaml/10001690.yaml at master · toniebox-reverse-engineering/tonies-json · GitHub

If you see more errors within the tonies.json, I would suggest opening an issue within GitHub or creating a PR for that.

Ok, i need to learn how to work with GIT… Until i can create a PR by my self, i will create an issue in GitHub - toniebox-reverse-engineering/tonies-json: Database of (all) Tonies and its metadata to identify it.

Thank you very much!

did my first PR. Hope is ok how it was done.

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