First usage - cloud connection needed?


I just got a new Toniebox, but only because selfhosting the server is now possible. Thank you very much for that.

With a new box, do I have to create a tonie account and stuff or can i just start flashing the ESP onboard and go along with teddycloud?


IIUC you can try but it might fail:

You may need to connect your Toniebox to your wifi and update its firmware. Many boxes are shipped with a production firmware only that needs to be updated, before the box works as it should. (source)

Please connect your box to your Wi-Fi, so the box can update its firmware. You may just enter the Wi-Fi credientials via the box’ hotspot.

Thank you!.

So I did that (connecting to wifi) then do the dance with the ESP32 and now the connection to teddycloud works.

I did eventually register because I might also use cloud content, that worked fine after I correctly setup the client certificates.

So for future references: It can work with the teddyclud only (no cloud account) appearantly, but the wifi must be set up first.