Flashing back - all Files - PRoblem

I am trying to flash my Toniebox with a CC3200.
Something has gone wrong.

So I wanted to flash all the files back.

cc3200tool -p COM11 --sop2 ~rts --reset dtr format_flash -s 4M

followed by

cc3200tool -p COM11 --sop2 ~rts --reset dtr write_all_files backup2

The file system now looks like this:

normally it should be like this: /settings.cfg or /sys/mcuim.bin

The system has confused “/”.

Does anyone have an idea to fix this??

This may be a Windows related problem, as I haven’t tested the write all files feature on that system (I can’t remember for sure).
You may try it with Linux or wait until I have updated the cc3200 tool ton fix that issue.
You may also manually flash all files as alternative ( you can use multiple write_file commands in one call)