Folder Structure and tonies.custom.json

First off, I’m super happy with this great project and the awesome support so far!

Now I have a working teddycloud container with an esp32 box. When I first copied the content from the SD card to the teddycloud content folder, I noticed the following: On the SD card the folders are saved in lower case, but on the teddycloud there are now duplicate folders in upper case. When using a new and custom tag on the other hand, a folder in upper case is created in teddycloud with a default json. That’s also the place where new custom content can be placed and streams are saved.
Is this behaviour expected and serves to isolate original from custom content? Somehow it feels confusing and a bit cluttered. Is there a proper, elegant way to handle this?

Secondly, somewhat related to new content and of primarily cosmetic nature: How can I link custom tags with a name and image like for stock tonies? I know that there is the tonies.custom.json which I assume follows the structure of the tonies.json. On original tonies, the matching is done by audio-id and hash, correct? Is this also true for the custom ones? I created the content on teddycloud and not teddybench and noticed that a hash is assigned to the custom content as well. Are there limitations on the picture/icon used? I presume it has to be a png, a url to a jpeg caused an unresponsive site.

Lastly, I am interested how one could help documenting setup and usage. I am not yet familiar with automated wikis/docs but willing to learn :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for all your efforts

I think this is something we should address and change, so teddyCloud will either rename lowercase folders or switch to lowercase (with a migration too).

The structure is identical, the detection is also the same.

With the latest “develop” tag I have added the hash and audio-id to the teddyCloud webinterface.

No, everything should work, as we just embed the image link onto the website.

Feel free to check out the guides here in the forum or read through the wiki and make suggestions. Either as a short post in the forum or as a full-fledged pull request on GitHub.

Maybe my question is not directly related to this topic, but i think it’s better then opening a new topic :slight_smile:

  • Is it possible to store the custom pics (e.g. .png/.jpg) from custom tonies where i put the path into tonies.custom.json somewhere accessable in teddyCloud to have it located on the own teddyCloud and have not to use an “pic-hoster” or other own webspace?
  • How to use “Umlaute” in the .json File?


You may create a volume in docker under /teddycloud/data/www/custompics
The www folder is the root folder of the webserver.

For the unlauts you should check the file encoding. Iirc it should be utf8. Use a file editor like notepad++ to check the encoding of the tonies.json and change the encoding of the tonies.custom.json one accordingly.

Perfect, thank you! That helps a lot as I am not using teddybench since it’s on windows.

Yep, you’re right. No idea what caused my previous unresponsive page.