FQDN Certs for web interface

Does anyone know of how to configure the web interface (when accessing web interface remotely) to use vaild CA certs? I have my own domain name with valid certs attached, and they are configured correctly using LetsEncrypt for my other site (teddycloud will be a subdomain of that one). Can I simply copy my certs over? or should I install letsencrypt into the container, and use that to obtain a cert?

The web interface should only be accessible via HTTP. As there is no password, it shouldn’t be accessible on a public IP.
For that you could use a reverse proxy like nginx which can also add authentication and let’s encrypt.

Https, especially if public should only be used for the access for the boxes.

Thank you for the reply! I’ll have to learn how to setup up a reverse proxy, or possibly to link it to the proxy already running on my system (I run freedombox underneath docker, which is running alongside podman running a nextcloud instance (configured by freedombox). I very much appreciate your advice! It’s currently behind my firewall, and currently not working outside my home network anyways (my website will auto redirect you to the homepage with a login for NextCloud.) I’m thinking for the time being, of leaving the broken configuration (chrome won’t go to the site externally anyways, it gives hsts warning)

If you are just using it internally, there is no need for a certificate.

We travel alot due to medical needs, so the boxes may not always be connected to my home network.

Then using a reverse proxy for the web interface is the way to go.
If you just have one IP on your server, you’ll also need that for the HTTPS port. But this part is a bit tricky because you’ll need to passthrough the HTTPS connection to teddyCloud.

Some hints

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I read that post, I was definitely interested to attempt a similar setup. Thank you again for your input!