Hardware/device for creating copies of figurines

Thank you for providing all the materials and also this forum!

I have ordered several RFID tags, which were recommended in the telegram channel. Also I have several figurines available. Since my children already lost figurines, I preferably would like to create private copies…

What hardware would I need for writing onto the RFID tags?

I think my Android phone won’t be enough for writing? Althoug I can read tags.

I read about the proxmark device already, but considering just the purpose of copying the tags it seems a bit pricy for me.

I am not 100% sure what you are asking so here are two answers:

You cannot write the tags. The ID is determined during production and cannot be changed.

To make copies you only need to copy the audio files and then put those on the box using TeddyCloud or by manually copying them to the SD-card with the right name for the ID of the tags you bought.

Thank you for your quick response and clarification! That is a good point I wasn’t aware about… So this marks my question completely obsolete :slight_smile:

Now, I will take the route of opening the toniebox and working with the SD card…

As already said you may not clone tags but:

  • You can use a flipper or a proxmark to read the UID and the memory of the tag. This way you can emulate the tag.

  • If you have a backup of the audio content on your microSD you can easily backup it to somewhere else and also copy it to a different UID. (See teddyBench)

  • You may also dump this data with teddyCloud and even attach it to a different tag

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Let me extend the main question. With which flipper firmware you are able to read and emulate a tag?