Holiday-Hack: Charge Toniebox from 5V possible


I’m new here, initially heard about you on last CCC :slightly_smiling_face:

Currently on vacation, i brought everything but the tonie charger. For at least one of us, this is s catastrophe :smiley:

I checked the schematics, any chance that it might work if i splice one of my USB cables to feed 5v into the box?

The batteries are below 5V, but i already more or less expect that the voltage drop of the regulator and diodes will be too much…

Best regards

If you feed the charging port with 5V it shouldn’t be a problem. You may disconnect the battery, if the charging needs to much power on its own.
@g3gg0 uses an USB cable to power his box.

As an alternative you could buy an AAA Battery holder and use AAA NiMh.

Nice, thx for the reply.
Holidays are best with some tinkering!

Already thought about adding a USB plug right into the box when I’m back.
Let’s see how well this works for now :slight_smile:

I am powering the dev PCB via battery connector using my USB port.
IIRC this was within the specs of the power circuitry. Or at least close to :smiley: