How are you fixing the sd card extender?


I recently installed an SD Card Extender to our Tonie Box and it worked great. Now I have one big problem with my setup: When the Tonie Box drops the card can get loose and so the box does not work anymore. I tried fixing it with hot glue but even that did not hold for more than 2 days.

How do you fix the sd card extender?

I pushed it down and fixed it with the metal holder. Even if it’s not flat on the pcb as the sd card itself it seems to work.
But on the first try I had the same issue. But now it seems to work.

Wow great advice. Used a larger metal holder and seems to be better than my hot glue solution.

I assume you misunderstood me (or I did not clearly point out what I meant), but if it works fine. Post a picture of your solution :slight_smile: