How do you open a Toniebox?

Okay, I know it should be a simple counterclockwise turn of the ring on the bottom but I can’t seem to do it it’s too hard to grip.

Press the box onto the floor (none slippery and hard) with both hands, apply some of your bodyweight and turn counterclockwise.

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But take care. It is a Bajonett lock. After you twisted it for like 10 to 15 degrees you should stop twisting and just pull the lid from the box.

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I was scared and that didn’t get better when it made a sound like something broke but it seems to have worked. Thank you!

Does your Toniebox has a Torx or a Phillips (Kreuzschraube) screw under the lid?

It only has Philips-head screws. Why?

There is one version with a torx head existing. The parts that are used there are much more edgy. Thats why opening these boxes is even more a pain in the butt.

Here are two nice Videos