How to handle several Boxes within a single TeddyCloud instance

Can anyone explain to me please how to configure two ore more Boxes on a single Teddycloud instance?

For the certs folder i did this via config.overlay.ini:

overlay.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.boxName=teddyCloud Box xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

overlay.yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.boxName=teddyCloud Box yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Is this correct?

Are there some additional steps missing?

Please edit the paths to the certificates, if you want that each box contacts the cloud with its individual certificate.
This is only necessary if the boxes are 8n different households with content that is only available there or the boxes have a different chip and you want to to OTA updates.

You may customize more settings for each box, just copy over them from.the config.ini and prefix it as the mother options in the config.overlay.ini. Not all options will work, but most that make sense.

For example you may set an individual content directory. Beware it may not be visible in the webinterface.

Ok, understood. Is not mandatory to configure this. but i will leave it as it is for the certs.
Thank you very much!

since version 0.5.0 toniebox management is included in the new web frontend :slight_smile:

Very cool. Use it since Feature is available.
Pretty nice is the overlay Image of the last played Tonie Figure on each box. :sparkling_heart:

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