How to move to the new LIBRARY behaviour from the "old" CONTENT behaviour

Dear all,

i use Teddycloud for a while now and really love it.

Due to i startet early using Teddycloud, i have 90% of my Tonies at the old CONTENT directory. With Teddycloud 0.4.0 new Tonies were downloaded to LIBRARY and linked via source field in JSON file. When i put a new Tonie on my box, i observe the following new behaviour:

  1. Folder is created inside CONTENT://1F38FF13
  2. TAF file is downloaded to LIBRARY:///by/audioID/<audio_id>.taf
  3. JSON file 500304E0.json is created inside this folder and source was linked to LIBRARY://by/audioID/<audio_id>.taf

Sometimes something additional happens:

  1. JSON file LIBRARY:///by/audioID/<audio_id>.taf.json is created
  2. Folder e.g. 158946 is created, which is related to 1589466629.taf.json

Is point 4 and 5 the expected behavior?

Step 4 would be nice to have cloud_ruid and cloud_auth stored together with the TAF file on a central place.
→ When is the .taf.json file created automatically? How can i trigger that creation?

Step 5 For what reason is the folder created? Is empty and useless?

Ok, so far so good. Now i want to move from the “old” structure to the new. There seems to be no automatic way, so i think i need to do it manually. But for me is not fully clear how to proceed. What i do for now is this:

  1. Move and rename TAF file from CONTENT://1F38FF13/500304E0 to LIBRARY://by/audioid/<audio_id>.taf
  2. Modify JSON file CONTENT://1F38FF13/500304E0.json and set “source”: “lib://by/audioID/<audio_id>.taf”
  3. Should i also copy CONTENT://1F38FF13/500304E0.json to LIBRARY://by/audioid/<audio_id>.taf.json?

If i do so, the new library view (/web/tonies/library?path=/by/audioID) displays two rows for the same tonie what is not very nice. Maybe the TAF and JSON can be displayed in a single row which combines information of both formats?

Has anyone further suggestions for me, how to migrate from CONTENT to LIBRARY in a clean way?

Thank you very much.


step 4 and 5 sound more like a bug for me. experienced that also once

you do not need a taf.json in your library. the taf alone is sufficient.

If you got access to all tonies… remove them from content and place them one by one on the box again.

You may wait until we implemented a migration for that. As alternative you could delete the cached file in the content folder and redownload them with the new webgui, if you have the cloud rUID/auth cached already.

Which version are you using? We had a similar bug in the past which should be fixed. If not it would be nice if you could open an issue on our GitHub.

There shouldn’t be a json for those. This look like a bug related to the problem above.

No, it needs to stay there as it links the tag to the content. It also contains the cached cloud rUID/auth

This central place are the jsons within the content folder.

Thanks for your comments.

Both potential bugs appear with v0.5.0 (a8f6e43) - 2024-04-30 19:24:29 +0000 linux-x86_64(64)

I try to reproduce it, create a Ticket on github and provide Logs.

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I opened an issue on Github. Ticket can be found here: