How to patch the ESP32 for unlocking other tags

Has anyone figured out with teddycloud and using it to patch the firmware on V4 (esp32) boxes, that it’s possible to patch during the process to remove restrictions of using non-boxine RFID tags?

In theory you should just patch the firmware and fix the checksums via teddyCloud cli.
But I don’t have a reversing pipeline set up to do patching.

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Gotcha. Gotta learn myself on how to do that.

did you figure this out? I have so many custom figures that I want to make, but no tag to put on them. Alternatively, anyone have a good source for the NXP ICODE SLIX-L in the USA?

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I haven’t yet. I can make a non-boxine tag show up in teddycloud, but I when I add it, the UUID shows up backwards, but each half is flipping wierd. I haven’t figured out proper naming to make a box recognize them (I did it once, screwed up and deleted it, and haven’t figured out how I did it)

These tags work amazing. And right out of the box. I bought some alongside the tags I was trying to make work

The tags that @0xbadbee linked are worth it. They are a little over a dollar a tag, and they ship very quickly from germany to the US. Mine arrived in less than 2 weeks. I spent about 35 bucks on them, and got 25 (I think) tags. 100% compatible