Importing many mp3 at once

Hi together,
I just finished the setup and it worked perfectly, thanks for that! Now I want to create a tag which represents nearly 150 mp3 of a children audiobook. Is there a way to import these mp3 without making a single taf? I guess otherwise “skipping to next song” won’t work? Thanks a lot for the great work!

Maybe audio-encoder could support adding many files at once and taking over the filename?! Or maybe it is possible to build a bash script which does that? :smiley:

Not sure if you can add 150 files to one taf file but at least 99 should work.

Even if the audioencoder encoded them to 1 taf file, each file creates a chapter. So clapping should work as you wish.

Don’t try this in teddycloud (the skipping) that’s not working currently, but on your toniebox everything works fine.

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