New RFIDfriend Tags in Coin holder

I followed the Idea from Gambius to buy coin holders and inserted a magnet and a TAG from RFIDfriend. But I noticed, the TAGs have a new design. When I put a magnet in the center, the TAG does not work anymore, or only when the TAG is not placed in the center of the Toniebox.

Is this from the new design of the TAGs, where the center of the TAG is not empty anymore?

The tags actually also work if they are centered on the box, but the tag must be on the upper side of the capsule.

Well, not shure what is different in my Case. For me its like this:

Without the Magnet the Tag works flawless. (the Tag is always on the upper site) only if i press it down hard, it stops working.

With the magnet, the TAG does nod work in the cernter anymore. Only if i put 2 Layers of between it works again. one Layer is not enough.

Its not so important for my, as the TAGs work fine without a Magnet, but still interesting.