NFC Tags possible to read

Hey Guys
Thank you for all the great work you did on this reverse engineering.
I just don’t get one thing out of my mind. The Toniebox hardware seems relatively good with all the stuff needed on it. With cfw a great base for all lot of playing around.
Is there somehow the possibility to read more different tag especially Mifare Classic 1k NFC tags with the hardware? And with the cfw?
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The box only supports iso15693 based tags technically. Without a CFW at a patched ofw SLIX-L Tags

See the Tag reader hardware docs.

There it’s written “Reading MiFare Classic is not possible without using the chips direct mode which means more work”. That sounds to me like its possible from hardware side but not that easy to add to the cfw!? I am just asking, because wouldnt it be really cool to play figurines of other “audiocubes” as well? (Or lets say, use them with there NFC Chip. Like:

It doesn’t work without modifying the hardware as the needed pins of the chip are not connected to MCU

Thanks for your fast replies. :pray: Have you or someone else tried this out? Which pins would that be? Are there some free pins on the mcu?

Check out the datasheet of the NFC chip.
But all pins are used somehow on the cc3200 and esp32 boxes.