Patch to change track resume behavior?

Hey folks,

first of all a big thanks to the Team Revvox for this awesome project!
I installed the HackieboxNG bootloader on my CC3200 based Toniebox paired with TeddyCloud running on my Docker Host. Both work together splendidly.

One feature I am still craving would be that the box resumes all Tonies where they left off, even if another RFID tag was placed on it in between. The default behavior of the box is to only resume the Tonie if no other Tonie was played in the meantime.

As many of you spend a lot of time analysing this box: Any idea if this is challenge possible to solve e.g. with a firmware patch? I would be willing to dig in as well but if someone already tried and failed, I could save myself the trouble :smiley:

Thanks in advance!

I don’t think this could be done by modifying the OFW.
Instead I think it would be possible with a CFW like teddybox for the ESP32 variants.

This may be possible with much effort. Bringing new features to the OFW via a patch needs memory space, that is very rare. Most likely you would need to remove/replace an existing function. An idea would be the WiFI AP mode functions.
But as the OFW only saves the position and an identification in a non-volatile very small memory. This would need a complete recode of this part to save this on the microSD and load it later on.

As I want to focus my time onto teddyCloud and teddyBox, such a patch is out of my scope