Radio webstream on Tonie


i have a working TeddyCloud with a connected Box. I can create Tobies with specific content i want (music based on mp3).

Now i want to have for my Kids some Radio station as webstream.

Every Tag should be another station.

What i have done till now:
Created a new folder and linked it to a new tag (renamed). Copied the json file of an existing Tonie and changed it.

When i try it first time all works. But second time it say Fehler, codewort Murmeltier.

Anybody an idea what to do?


First of all, the live flag is not needed.

As the radio function is a bit hacky, you may need to do a freshnessCheck (long ear press) before playing the radio function. (Source)

But I’m general it isn’t stable yet. Please check the logs for an error.

I have the same.issue.
Webradio works one time after freshness check. The 2nd time I placed the tag, I get a broken ffmpeg pipe.

Ok, thanks for response, so i have to wait until issue is fixed.

Or another workaround :slight_smile:

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I just observed another, yet unexpected, behavior. Taking the custom tonie off the box and putting in back resumed the stream, everything working fine.
However, I then placed a “regular” tonie on the box, after which I switched back to the streaming one. Now, the stream started from where it originally did instead of breaking, starting where it’s live right now, or picking up where it left.
While writing this, I realized ffmpeg is still running in the background, the file continuously growing. Is there an end to this?

I understand, that the whole stream is an experimental feature so far, so no worries. But it’s so exciting and powerful.

The stream should be stopped in the future, but when?
If you take off the Tag, will the box throw an error then, because of the stopped download or can we resume it, as soon the figurine is back on? (When no other tag was on the box in between)

The radio tag will always start from the beginning if you place a different tag onto the box in between. You’ll have to do a freshnessCheck to restart the download and start from the beginning.
Maybe we can trick the box into a different behaviour with the “broken” download from above.

what I observed was similar to @arniebarni’s experience.

  • web stream tonie placed on the box
    • stream starts playing (@t0)
  • web stream tonie removed (@t1), wait a few seconds
  • web stream tonie placed on the box
    • stream continues where it stopped (@t1)
  • other tonie placed on the box
    • starts playing its content
  • web stream tonie placed on the box
    • stream starts playing from “@t0” (first buffered audio)
  • web stream tonie removed, performed freshness check
  • web stream tonie placed on the box
    • stream starts playing new, live content (@t2)

also, the SD card has a file for the web stream tonie, approx. 2GB in size

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I have not observed an error in the teddycloud logs. Very much in line as baumeisterde described in more detail.

That makes sense. It basically behaves like a regular audio file in that sense. A broken flag that will cause a new download/stream beginning would be nice.

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Hey there,

how did you get the radio to work? for testing purposes i took the exact stream you took and my result is the following:

Did i do something wrong?

(i get the same error with other streams)

Maybe this problem is related to your ffmpeg version or windows.