Release notes 0.5.0

To extend the release notes of the release 0.5.0


  • security mitigations on public instances as it‘s definitely not recommended to host teddycloud in public accessible for all
  • prepared authentication for frontend (backend adaptions)
  • linked new /web gui on teddycloud administration gui
  • overworked header, reordered menu items, new icons, better readable status in new /web gui
  • fixed modals (still some display problems on small devices like mobiles exists)
  • added audio encoder to new /web gui, you are now able to select files and encode them to a taf
    • this lets you bring your own content easily on a existing tonie
  • added toniebox management to new /web gui, improved backend functions for that
    • this lets you manage your boxes easily, you can do box related settings like enter the box related certificates, enable cloud access and many more
    • only at least once connected boxes are listed, model must be set manually
  • enriched homepage in new /web gui with 5 randomly selected tonies of yours
  • adapt tonie card list to different cover image sizes in new /web gui (all cards within one row have now the same height)
  • added no cloud and live icon (Toggle to enable/disable)) on tonie card in new /web gui
  • fixed several bugs

All contained commits can be found here (teddy cloud repo):

Including the changes in teddycloud_web repo here (important ones):

If you have any question about the release, feel free to post it here or in the telegram channel. If you acknowledge any possible bug, please report them here also.


Thanks for your Work. The Patch notes Look promising. But unfotunately this Release wont start for me. The Docker log Just gives an Error Message.

AddressSanitizer: CHECK failed: sanitizer_allocator_primary64.h:131 “((kSpaceBeg)) == ((address_range.Init(TotalSpaceSize, PrimaryAllocatorName, kSpaceBeg)))” (0x500000000000, 0xfffffffffffffff4) (tid=9)

Switching Back to 0.4.5 does Start Up again. Ist there a breaking Change where i need to do Something or ist this a Bug?

the team is already aware of this problem.

There should be no breaking change, but there were some troubles with ubuntu arm v8 which was therefore unsupported.

If you use that, try the alpine version.

(Did you report that in telegram already?)

Thats good. I did Not mention it in Telegram.
Im actually not Sure If this is alpine or Ubuntu. But its running on an arm processor.
This is the Image URL i use.

I will Check If an Image Change helps, when im at Home.

The alpine image did work. I used the one referenced in the github release:

Im not sure how the version Tag in my old link worked, but somehow it did.

The new Release looks Great. Thanks.