Release Notes 0.5.2


  • Stabilization backend
  • Several fixes and changes regards backend crashes and emptied config files when changing any tonie setting
  • Fixed bug storing last played tonie per box
  • Fixed bug clearing text settings (like paths or flex tonie)
  • Fixed various missing overlay handling in backend
  • Fix for random directories in library (and everywhere)
  • Save IP of Toniebox as prepartion for linking CFW Tonieboxes from teddycloud
  • api for searching models is no case insensitive
  • introduced Settings level - 1: Basic, 2: Detail, 3: Expert (1 Default - if you are missing settings, increase level!)
  • new /web gui: enhanced Tonies Card, added editable content source
  • new /web gui: enhanced Toniebox Card, improved UX
  • new /web gui: Dark theme (Last used Theme stored in localStorage in Browser, light bubble means system prefered theme is automatically choosen)
  • new /web gui: Show All (Hide Pagination on Tonies List, stored in localStorage in Browser)
  • new /web gui: Support of overlayed Content Folder. More details here: Teddycloud supporting multiple TonieBoxes? - #5
  • new /web gui: Text inputs in Settings must be saved explicitly. (only Textinputs, other types are still autosaved.) Expect changes in future releases.
  • new /web gui: fixed various state bugs
  • new /web gui: show last online date of offline tonieboxes
  • new /web gui: Messages on successful setting updates
  • new /web gui: some refactoring

Hints after installation

  • if you want to use the new multiple content dirs (for each or group of boxes), please follow the following steps:
    • add the specific folder in the settings for each box.
    • after that, you can choose between two recommended ways:
      • You have got access to SD-Card: copy the content dir of your toniebox to the new folder.
      • No access to SD-Card: Press he big ear for 3 seconds (freshness check). All known tonies of the box will be added to the folder (only the 5003040E.json!). After that you can place tonie by tonie on the box. After this, you can download the taf again from Boxine. Custom tags must be linked with the desired content manually.
  • if you don’t see the expected settings any more, just increase the newly introduced setting level:
    • 1: Basic (default!)
    • 2: Detail,
    • 3: Expert


Feel free to have a look onto it and if you see any bug… please report it!

Known bugs: