Replace battery pack with 3x AA battery holder?


is it a bad idea to replace the battery pack with 3x AA battery holder?
It’s cheeper and i’m able to replace only the defect cell in future …
A bit of soldering and some hot glue is of course required.

Or am I leaving something out?


2024-02-24 08_09_20-GTIWUNG 8Pcs AA Batteriehalter Gehäuse Kunststoff Akku Aufbewahrungsbox, Batteri

If you reuse the old battery wires with the ntc thermistor this shouldn’t be a problem. But this won’t fit without cutting some plastic. If you want to do that without cutting the battery holder you may use a AAA variant of it.

As alternative you may buy a 3xAA NiMH battery pack and solder the old wiring. As it should be fine for several years, this should be the way to go.

i am satisfied


Where did you place the ntc?

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thank you for your hint with the ntc!
i have to do some improvement because now it is not near the batteries

How about using this: