Size Limit TeddyBench


I hope this message finds you well. I’m reaching out because I’ve encountered a challenge while creating a comprehensive audiobook library for my kids, featuring series like TKKG and Die drei ???.

I’ve come to understand that there is a 12-hour size limit for custom tonies, and I’m currently using a 128GB SD Card in FAT32 format. To keep things simple and user-friendly, I’ve opted not to use teddycloud, seeking a hassle-free, noob-compatible solution.

However, as I continue to add more audiobooks, I’ve observed that the used size on the SD card remains unchanged. Surprisingly, only a handful of the custom tonies are working correctly, while the others have an “EULE” message.

Interestingly, in TeddyBench, all custom tonies are displayed as expected, leaving me puzzled about the discrepancy.

I’m curious to know if there’s a total size limit for the audiobooks and if this might be the cause of the issue. Additionally, are there any specific file format or compatibility considerations that I might have overlooked?

Your insights would be greatly appreciated as I seek to resolve this matter and ensure a seamless experience for my kids.

Thank you in advance for your assistance!
Kind Regards

teddyBench can only convert mp3, you cannot have more than 99 tracks per TAF.

Thank you @0xbadbee!
So I could just convert the audiobooks to very long mp3 files and do not have a limit on the total amount on the Toniebox? Does that resolve the limit on the individual tonie too?

There is only a limit due to the fat32 filesystem (around 12h) and some side effects on very long tafs, so the resume feature may not work as it should (cc3200, other boxes are not tested yet)

Alright, thank you. I believe I have a better understanding now.

The files per Tonie are reencoded at approximately 0.74 Mbps into one TAF, which means that a 12-hour duration approaches the 4GB file size limit imposed by FAT32.

The TAF has the capacity for up to 99 tracks, but having too few tracks can negatively impact the resume feature.

Nope, the number of tracks is not the reason for the problems with the resume feature. It is dependent on a file position counter, and if it overflows, the resume feature won’t work as it should, at least for the cc3200 based box