Squishy dinosaur & Hello Kitty

Here are my first Custom Figures:

Hello Kitty is 3D Printed and the squishy dinosaur is from Amazon ( Baby Stapelwürfel und Stapelturm, Kinder Dinosaurier ).

I love the Teddycloud, thank you Developers :slight_smile:


Looks nice. Thanks for sharing. Do you want to share the File for the Hello Kitty Figure?

And maybe tell us something about your setup.
I am very interested in buying a 3D printer soon.

Hi, i am also interessted in you printer setup. Do you have a multi color printer?
Looks very nice!

I used my BambuLab P1S with AMS (MultiColor System).

Hello Kitty:

This is the Kitty + Base ( i glued the kitty onto the base). The base is selfmade and the Kitty copyrights goes to https://www.printables.com/de/model/206783-hello-kitty

i only colored it in the BambuLab Software and printed it ( the STL i uploaded is the colored one)

The base is not the best. i saw other bases on the internet which are better in my opinion ( https://shop.electricky.de/RFID/3D-Druck-Box-fuer-SLIX-L-Klebetags-inkl-Magnet-5er-Set.html ). But hey, work in progress :smiley:

Oh i switched from my Ender 3 S1 to a Bambulab p1s aswell. Great machiene. If somebody wants a 3d printer I can recommend this. But be aware that the Bambulab environment is not made for tinkering around it is closed. Comparable with the Apple experience. If you like to mod your hardware i suggest a diferent printer. But to be honest the Bambulab printer is just convinient.

My last prints:

Even if i have a AMS wich could handle multicolor print i decided to paint them later with my daughter :slight_smile:


isn’t the X1 jailbroken and a CFW available?
The toniebox is not for tinkerers too and now see what we’re doing :smiley:

well yes and no.
Yes the x1c is jailbroken and bambulap even commited to keep the jailbreak alive if you sign away your right for support and waranty.

I think the big point is that you actually buy a bambulab printer to not tinker around with it. If you want something that is more tinkerfrinedly there are way cheaper options. (creality ender 3 series or voron or anykubic´s)
In my personal opinion it does not make sense to buy a bambulab and then tinker around with it as there are a lot of opensource cheaper alternative. Like i said bambulab is a convinience product. All that said … if I would have a x1c i would probably play with the jailbroken firmware aswell.
If you look around the ecosystem i think the situation is not comparable to Toniebox. Tonies are quite strictly limited so to consum the product (listen to it) you are forced to use the tonies. At 3d printer filaments are widley available from different vendors and manufaktors. Printfiles are free, behind a paywall on an relativly open market or you can create them yourself.

soo yeah for the fun of it jailbreak it. But if you are to decide to buy your first 3d printer and you plan on tinkering and modding there are better alternatives than bambulab

How did you place the RFID Tag in the Dino?

I cut it open at the bottom, just pushed the Tag inside and glued it together. The cut is Hidden under the Magnet which i also glued on