TeddyCloud Tonie source switcher gadget


It is fun to assign streaming radio stations to a Tonie, however given the number of options available, making a dedicated tonie for each is not very practical. It is much more convenient to use a single Tonie and simply switch its source every once in a while to something new.

Doing it in TeddyCloud is a bit tedious, however, and to simplify the experience I made a small webpage, which let me switch the source of a Tonie with a single click (fun fact, I actually asked ChatGPT to write it for me).

This, however, was still not kid-friendly, so I upgraded this to a small physical “Tonie source switcher” gadget, made out of an M5StickC Plus.

Here’s how it works. Here’s the code.

One funny variation of the idea is to stick an NFC tag into the M5Stick, and end up with a “smart” tonie, which can be configured to represent any source.



what a neat little device :slight_smile:

Is your project also compatible with the newer version “M5StickC Plus2” ??

I didn’t try, but given that Plus2 should only differ from Plus in terms of memory and battery, I see no reason why it wouldn’t.