TeddyCloud Webinterface settings

Hi Dudes,

i started a few days ago with TeddyCloud as Docker and a Toniebox (ESP32) with patched firmware. Today i got my first Customs Tags, and was able to get them work.

Anyway, i have some questions reagarding the TeedyCloud webinterface settings:

  • What is the function/usage of the “Assign Unknown” button?
  • What is the setting “Enable Flex Tonie” used for?
  • What is the libray used for?

Hope that anyone has answers.

Finally i want to thank all of you for your great work! Is a really cool project and makes lot of fun.


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You may select a TAF and the next tag asking for content will get this TAF, if there is no content in the directory yet. (iirc currently buggy)

This is tag that will always use the Assign Unknown

The content folder is the folder used to provide data for the box. The library is just a storage for random files, so you may put your TAF collection with nice names there.

Good morning,
thank you very much for the explanation. In generall it is what i have expected, but i could get it work yet. :slight_smile:
That means, that i need to set a “Flex-Tonie UID”, when i want to use “Assign Unknown” button?
(And without configured “Flex-Tonie UID”, the “Assign Unknown” does not work proper?)

If the Tag has no content, it should work. But there were problems in the past.

Thanks again. I have created a new issue in github, because i could not find one. Would be a very could feature if it would work.

Thank you for doing that in this detailed level. I have implemented a workaround for that. This will be available in the next version after teddyCloud v0.3.4 and in the develop tag in several minutes.

You are welcome. Thank you for your quick fix!

Retest OK with version from last development branch: TeddyCloud vX.X.X (7d5d156) - 2024-01-19 13:35:19 +0000 linux-x86_64

@0xbadbee The fix didn’t include the flex Tonie issues, did it? I’ve been trying it briefly with a creative Tonie and it didn’t work as expected. If this isn’t expected at v0.3.5 I can provide some details.

@pepe: I use a Custom Tag as FlexieTonie and this works fine since the Patch (v0.3.5).

I have not tried it with a CreativTonie. I can try it later.

I haven’t tested the flextonie. But from the code, the problem was due to the assign unknown flag was only set in the global settings, but the code reads from the current context, which is the box specific configuration without the assign unknown set.
The flextonie configuration should be available in the global and the box specific configuration.

I’ll try again once the kids are in bed. Maybe part of the problem was that there was already content for the Tonie I made the flex tonie. I’ll try and steal a tonie box off the kids once they’re asleep.
Talking about box specific configuration: Unless I create it myself, any box connected should have the same setting, correct?

100% correct.

i have tried it now with a CreativeTone, and it works for me in the same way as with a CostumTag.
I cannot confirm your observation.

I can’t get it to work on my end. UID in the flex tonie config expects the 16 digit uid I can see in the log when it tries to connect? like badbee11badbee11?

Yes, you do:

INFO |handler_cloud.c:0303:handleCloudContent|  >> client requested content for rUID badbee11badbee11, auth BADBEE11...
INFO |handler_cloud.c:0330:handleCloudContent|  >> this is a unknown tonie, assigning '/etc/teddycloud/data/library/PAW Patrol/PAW Patrol - Schneller als die Feuerwehr'
INFO |handler_cloud.c:0345:handleCloudContent|  >> this is the defined flex tonie, assigning '/etc/teddycloud/data/library/PAW Patrol/PAW Patrol - Schneller als die Feuerwehr'
INFO |handler_cloud.c:0393:handleCloudContent| Assigned to /etc/teddycloud/data/library/PAW Patrol/PAW Patrol - Schneller als die Feuerwehr
INFO |handler_cloud.c:0172:markLiveTonie| Marked custom tonie /etc/teddycloud/data/content/default/BADBEE11/500304E0
INFO |handler_cloud.c:0444:handleCloudContent| Serve local content from /etc/teddycloud/data/content/default/BADBEE11/500304E0

What i have done:

  1. Set the UID of the CreativeTonie at teddyCloud WebIf
    Bild 567
  2. Press big ear for 3 Sec.
  3. Put CreativeTonie on Box
  4. Enjoy new audio

Work has been crazy busy, so it’s only now that I get back to it. I figured it out, but it took a while. I only realised rUID is reversed UID after checking in the source code.

edit: Earlier I was stating that the web UI only transferred 15 characters. I couldn’t reproduce it anymore.