TonUINO on Toniebox CC3200

Hey there
Has somebody experienced with setting-up Tonuino NGF on the CC3200 hardware?
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No, and this will never work with the toniebox hardware. TonUINO needs very specific hardware components the toniebox doesn’t have. For example there is no DFPlayer.

We did a POC of ESPuino for the ESP32 based box

Ok, yes, I just meant theoretically the software/firmware IF someone modifies it for the Tonieboxs hardware, would that be possible? Because the components should be there somehow.
Nevertheless the ESPuino project is as cool as the other two (Tonuino and RevvoX) so, how does this work. Could I simple connect to the Tonieboxs Debugport via my FTDI2USB converter and upload the Hackieuino firmware?

No, modifying the hardware makes no sense, as the software and hardware is totally different. It is like trying to install the software of a Dacia onto a Ferrari.

Hackieuino is for the ESP32 only and can be uploaded to the ESP32 version of the box.

Ok, just to get this right.

  1. Would Hackieuino work on CC3200 with (some?) hardware modifications? If yes can you tell which?
  2. Are there as well hardware modifications to make on the ESP32 version too, to get Hackieuino running?
  1. No as said, Hackieuino is esp32 only. We have Hackiebox for it.
  2. No hardware modifications for it, just flash the Hackieuino Firmware (but this is a PoC, not for daily use). But we are working on our own firmware teddyBox, (no ETA)