Troubleshooting - Box not working

Hi everybody,
i bought a box i would like to fix. Its a cc3200.
The battery is dead (0.02 V) and i won’t try to revive it.
In this configuration the box does not do anything. If i put it on the charger the led glows green. No further action.
If i plug in a charged battery the led is solid green (bright) and the cc3200 is getting hot.
If i plug in the charger without battery the led is solid green (a little darker). CC3200 is also getting hot.

Any thought on how to proceed? Where to start troubleshooting.
I know how to hold a soldering iron and have a multimeter.

The diode near the power plug seems fine.

Thanks in advance for any pointers.
Bye maxPower

A solid green on the cc3200 means it doesn’t start at all.

A part that gets hot usually means it has a short. So likely the cc3200 is broken or the voltage it gets is to high due to a different defect.