Un-assign an original tonie?

This could be a feature request or a user education issue.

Is there any way to un-assign an original tonie and point it at a teddycloud file?

There are a couple reasons I’d like this, including having two children with two boxes who want to listen to the same audio, but not together. I’m still waiting for delivery of custom tags, but in the meantime assigning existing figures to new audio might be helpful.

I used the content File Viewer and chose a tag, deleting the 500304E0.json below it, then tried to Assign Unknown to it. I have 3 .taf files that I’ve added via the web interface encoder, but I haven’t quite figured out how to point one of these specifically at a figure this way.

You can simply replace the file “500304E0” (without any extension) with the desired one. you don’t need to remove the 500304E0.json. Just edit the file and set the nocloud flag to yes.

BUT: You have to remove the File from the toniebox sd card. If not, the tonie box will not fetch the new audio and still play the original one.

I think I get it. At this time it cannot be done from the teddycloud web interface?

Thanks for very fast reply.

no, you don’t have direct access to the toniebox from teddycloud.

i am not sure if you set the live tag to yes if you can provoke an update of the file in the toniebox. (set the live flag, press the big ear for 3 seconds, wait till the confirmation sound is played and then try again. i did not test that yet)

You may delete the content file from the content directory (if there is), set the nocloud in the json and assign new content in your library via the /web interface.

You cannot delete files from the box. You may create a silence TAF and assign it as alternative.

I ended up pulling the sd and deleting the tag data and using teddybench to add the audio I wanted.

Is there any roadmap to edit the JSON from the web interface?

I’m so excited by the promise of this self-hosted cloud, and it seems to have come a long way in a short amount of time. It makes total sense that the actual box content isn’t visible to teddycloud.

I am cautious changing the content for an expensive box with cloud connection where boxine could disable the hardware, and most of my tinkering time happens when the boxes are in use.

The naming for features has confused me until I try something which has been difficult. For example, “Assign Unknown”, do I have to have an unknown tag first? When I upload/encode audio they’re tagged “unknown - unknown”, and the content vs library toggle switch seems like it should be a side-by-side window and not two separate views.

I would also find it very helpful to see an entry in the json showing the file name of the converted .taf if possible? Am I right that the 500304E0 file inside the content directory is just the .taf file from the library renamed and without a file extension?

In case anyone who has the skills to add PR’s for the repo sees this, THANK YOU!!

As said above, you can set the content (that is available in the library) via the interface under /web, which also contains the option to set tags into live mode to enforce download by the box after a freshnessCheck (long ear press). Live mode shouldn’t be needed if the audio id of the tag (usally creation date is different). Setting nocloud is only needed if you enable the cloud in general and use none custom content. Otherwise, the boxine cloud may overwrite the content (will be fixed).

Yes, it is impossible to upload the content from box to teddyCloud. But if the box is connected, you should at least see all tags available (content or /web).
With the /web interface you may trigger a direct download from the boxine cloud into teddyCloud, if the tag was on the box while connected to teddyCloud.

No, the TAF is not cloned.
The old way uses the content file (in 99% 500304E0) directly. This is the way the box handles its files on the SD and is also used directly by teddyCloud, and it cached files there in the past.

TeddyCloud now automatically caches into the library and links the files via the “source” in the content json. (Be sure there is no content file in the content dir for that tag). This is also the way you should handle your content in the future. Reuse cached content in the library and also create your custom content within the library with nice filenames to assign it via the /web interface directly.

And as it is the same as for creative tonies, you’ll always have to do a freshnessCheck to trigger the download, when the tag is presented to the box next time.

You can use it to mark valid content in the old webinterface to be pushed to the next tag the box asks content for. This usally only works if there is no content available for it yet.

I ended up pulling the sd and deleting the tag data and using teddybench to add the audio I wanted.

I suppose all you’ve been looking for is the Freshness check (long press on volume-up).
While you cannot access the content on the box, the Freshness check forces a download from TeddyCloud, thus replacing the original content on the box.



Am I right to assume that “generally disable/enable cloud” completely blocks requests to boxine, where if I enable Cloud it only allows the individual services set?

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Yes. Your assumption is correct