Updating Custom Tonies via Teddycloud

Hey there,

i got the teddycloud working fine. I made a custom Tonie and he downloaded the content from the teddycloud. but now i want this tonie to have other content instead of the old one. i want to update it. How is this possible? i tried it via teddycloud but couldnt find how.

Thank you

You can delete the old content inside the File Viewer and just add new content the way you added the old content.

You can tell the Box to update ist saved conten by pressing a ear for 3 seconds. It should then blink blue and give a success sound after that.

when i press the ear, i get an error after the blue blink with codeword “owl”

This is indicating it is not working fine

Please check the logs if the toniebox tries to connect to your server or aborting the connecting because of an TLS error…

Ah thank you. i found the error. it was my Avast Firewall which led to the error. after deactivating it and pressing the ear. it not worked. thank you :slight_smile:

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