"Zenon the farmer" figurines

My daughter got as a present 3 figures which belongs to a collection of characters from La Granja de Zenón or Zenon the farmer, which is a very popular cartoon from Argentina (and Spanish speaking countries in general, you can watch it in Prime Video as well :smile:). Besides the figures (full collection is around 12 figures), there is a music box which works similar to the Toniebox, in the sense that you put the figures on top and a song starts playing. It is a much simpler mechanism, as there is only one song per figure, and all songs are stored in the box.

Unfortunately I could not find the box or characters in Europe, only in Argentina (I will get a few more when I visit my family :smile: ).

I couldn’t get hold of a box myself, but I thought that the figures could be modified to be used with a Toniebox rather easily, and indeed that was the case!

After a bit of trying and using quite a bit of force, I was able to open the small lid at the bottom of the figures, where I found the existing RFID tag.

I removed the tag and replaced it with a SLIX-L Tag from RFIDFriend. I ended up putting it on the figure side instead of the lid, as otherwise it was too close to the Toniebox. I also tried adding a magnet, but due to the narrow space inside the figure, only a 1mm thick magnet could fit (maybe even a 2mm would have fit). After some trials, I finally decided against the magnet, the figure is too big and heavy and it didn’t hold on the box if I tilted it, plus I got some interference with the RFID tag.

I really like how the figures seem almost made to be used with the Toniebox, and my daughter really likes listening to her favorite Zenon the farmer songs from those figures!