CC3200 temperature Problem

Hi dear toniboxers.

Got a used tonibox for my first try setting up hackiebox and tonycloud.

The Battery does not charge because the 9V has some sort of loose contact, but thats not the main issue. As the tonibox runs a few Minutes, the CC3200 and the PCB around it, gets realy hot. I can’t measure the exact temperature, but if i touch it with my finger, It’s so hot I can barely touch it. I guess its about 50°C.

Is this normal?

No, this is a sign for some defect on the board.

Thank you for your response.

Do you have any experience with this kind of problem?
Or do you have any suspect parts in mind that could cause this kind of behavior?

The box still works normally.

In would check the voltage on the voltage lines (check our toniebox-pcb wiki) and also check the capacitors for shorts.

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Could not spot any shorts.

I noticed that the chip only gets hot while charging or when operating without akku pack.

If the box is operating in batterie mode, the chip does not get hot.