FAQ for teddycloud new web gui

As there were a lot of reoccurring questions about basic functionality after setting up teddycloud, I would like to add a faq section in the new gui itself. Which questions do you want to be added and answered there? Feel free to post them here, I will add them!

Lets start!

  1. how can I force a update of a tonie after assigning the new content in teddycloud?

A: do a freshness check on your toniebox. Press an ear for approx. 3 seconds till a sound starts and wait then till a second sound confirms the completion.

  1. how can I create a multi track taf file.

A: just use the Audioencoder and add multiple files. Each file will get its own track in the created taf file.

  1. how many tonieboxes can I add to a teddycloud instance?

A: You can add up to 16 Tonieboxes.

  1. how can I add a new tag to teddycloud?

A: just place it on a connected toniebox. It will be added automatically to your tonies in your teddycloud. If you have a lot of unknown tags, then filter for last played tags or open the toniebox management page and click on the last played tag.

  1. how can I remove a tag from my teddycloud?

A: the easiest way is to hide it actually. If you open the information modal of the to be removed tag, there will be a hide button. Click it and the tag will be hidden till the tag is placed again on a toniebox. If you have access to the sd cards of all connected tonieboxes, you can also delete the tag physically. Remove the corresponding content folder of that tag on every box and then remove it in teddy cloud content view. Then it is also gone.

  1. how can I manage different contents for a tag on different tonieboxes?

A: just set up another content directory for each toniebox in the toniebox management settings. After that, the tonies overview has a drop down in the right top where you can choose between them. You do not have to assign every box a different content dir. Boxes with the same content dir are grouped in the tonies overview.

  1. after I added a new content dir on a box the tonies overview is empty for that.

A: Just do a freshness check on that toniebox. After that all tags which have ever been placed on the box (and are not yet deleted) are added to teddycloud again. Original tonies needs to placed at least once to get the cloud auth and be able to download their linked content to teddycloud.

  1. My tag with custom content (or alternative to the original assigned content) starts always at the start and not at the last played position.

A: Ensure the nocloud flag is set to true. And no one secretly placed another tag on the box :wink:

  1. The content of my tags is not cached to teddycloud.

A: ensure that the following settings are enabled: cache content, cache cloud auth. We also recommend to enable cache to library.

  1. My rfid tag is not working.

A: ensure it’s the right type. Only original NSP SLIX-L are working in general. See Which RFID Tags to use to Build custom figurines. If you are having the CC3200 version of the toniebox, you can enable other rfid tags also. For more details have a look into the wiki for that. Also ensure that there is a certain distance between the tag and the toniebox. Normally a direct placed rfid tag on the box won’t work, there should be at least 2-3mm distance.