Which RFID Tags to use to Build custom figurines

Can I only use SLIX-L Tags? E.g. the ones from [RFIDfriend] which were advised in the teddy bench blog?

I had a tag here wich is shown in the RTNL-Log of the cloud. (SLI-L (SL2ICS50)) but I was not able to assign content to this Tag.
Did I missed something or is it just the wrong Tag?

Thanks so much for your help!

The box only supports original NXP SLIX-L Tag for example the ones you get from RFIDfriend.

SLI-L won’t work with a unmodified box. The rtnl shows them, but that’s all
A cc3200 box may be able to use them with the custom bootloader and the patches for other tags.

Thank you for the fast answer. i thought, that already with teddycloud I could use some other tags as well. :slight_smile: But than I’ll need to get my hands on some of the NXP SLIX-L tags to play a bit with them.

Only one question, did you know this tags: “NXP ICODE® SLIX (SL2S2002)” will they work or is the “-L” (SLIX-L) important?

Yes they are different and only SLIX-L tags work. Other tags have a different specification.
The box needs then privacy mode, the same three first UID bytes and exactly 8nmemory blocks.

thanks, just found this on eBay and thought that they also might work.

  • erfüllt ISO 15693
  • 112 Byte Wiederbeschreibbarer Speicher
  • feste 8-Byte UID

was in the description and I hoped that they might also work. :slight_smile: (because of the UID) I didn’t finde some exect comparison between this to and thought maybe they are the same.

i forgot about this one, thanks for the explanation and reminder.

Search for the data sheets for the specific sli * variant. There you’ll find everything you need.

Will the NXP tags from RFIDfriend work with each version of the box (unmodified)? Thanks!

Yes, the SLIX-L tags from RFIDfriend work with every toniebox, as all original NXP SLIX-L do.

Has someone tried the RFID-Card from https://shop.electricky.de/RFID/Original-NXP-iCode-SLIX-L-13-56MHz-RFID-Tag-ISO-15693-PVC-Karte.html ?

I got the sticker version from the named dealer. And they work as expected. So I would assume that these cards also work if the dealer mentioned it which he does.

I am using those cards. They work perfectly.