FIMO / Polymer Clay Figurines

I got the RFID Tags from the RFIDfriend, and they work great. Now I would like to make some FIMO / Polymere Clay Figurines.

The easiest solution is of course to put the figure on a plate with the RFID Tag. But it would look nicer, if the figure would not have to be glued on a plate. Now, my questions:

Has sombebody tried this before?
Does the tag survive the baking in the oven inside the FIMO? (110° C, 30 min)
how much can i roll and bend the tag, in order to still work fine?

I tried to role it, and i can read the tag using my flipper if the diameter of the role is >= 1cm. <1cm can not be read with the flipper.

But as role, the tag is only detected by the box in a 45° angle.


So i think it would be hard to find a good position inside you FIMO figure

@DSR the SLIX Tags specification gives an range from -40°C to 85°C, so it might be worth a try.

@OliKo your tags look like the old ones from RFIDFriend, the new ones differ and are printed on paper.

Okey thanks, I can try something like that myself, and try it before I bake the Fimo.

And I will test the baking with one tag, and write it here. But it wont be today or tomorrow.

I tried the FIMO tonie with the tag from the rfidfriend. It workes very well, and the tag survived the baking at 110°C.

Just the figurino did not turn out as nice as i wanted. But it was my first atempt.

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Thanks for bak…, eehm testing!

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I made a second one and the Tag survived the oven at 110° as well.
Lets see how long the Figur survives my son playing with it ;-). its probably not the best idea to make a Fimo Figur with arms like that. It it would probably help to put a strong wire in the arms and legs.

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Here are some more Examples of Figurines I made for my Toniebox.

Obviously very easy to make are Playmobile (or simular) Figures. With a MAgnet they work very nicely.

To make something with more natural material, I made some tags with wood plates. I glued 5 together and put the tag and the magnet in between. The pictures are made with a “cnc” laser

Here are 3 more examples. first Fimo, second 3d print with acryl color and the last one is a wooden figure from aliexpress.

have you rolled up the tags, squeezed them together so that they have room next to the figures? And they are still working?!
where is the tag in the sheep or on the small wooden puppet?

Sorry for the late answer:

I did bend them in some figures, which is no problem, but you can not roll them and place it vertically.

In the sheep, the tag is in the body. in the the wood figure i sawed a part of, glued the tag flat in and glued it back together. The figure is just big enough. i only had to cut the very outer part of the Tag.