How do I connect to the wifi?

I’ve copied the ofw 3 times and the latest cfw 2 times to my SD card. I switched the waitForPress and waitForBoot to true to see if things seems to be working because my big ear is flakey.

When I power the box and hold the big ear (and get lucky) I can press the small ear until I get a single blinking blue light. When I let go of the big ear I get the color cycle for the waitForBoot (I think), pressing again now gives me some kind of rainbow color cycle.

Is this all as it should be? How do I configure the wifi so I can connect to the box?

Reinsert the sd card and run the cfw once. Then shutdown the box again (put the box onto the front where the speaker/tonie logo is and press both ears for 10s). Then remove the sd card again and add your wifi credentials to the created “/revvox/hackiebox.config.json” config file.

Beware that it will overwrite your stored settings on the box.

See GitHub - toniebox-reverse-engineering/hackiebox_cfw: Custom firmware for the Toniebox based on the CC3200

Did you set this on purpose? It is not set by default.

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Did you set this on purpose? It is not set by default.

No, maybe somebody changed the default?

No, default is off

Sorry, I misunderstood. Yes, I turned on wait for boot.

Then after that I get, it seems some pink, then green blinking, a bit of blue blinking and then the rainbow color cycle.

Yes this is the CFW.