How to get a V4 Toniebox in Germany?

Dear community.

Are there any users from Germany who received a V4 box? If so, in which online shop did you order and which colour did you choose?


Bought a blue one from alternate.
In the channel some people got their box from Mueller, some got a ESP32 some a CC box. Seems ESP32 are made in China and CC boxes are assembled in Hungary.
Just get the box online, open it carefully, check chipset and send back if it’s the “wrong” one.

The ESP32 boxes seem to have an extra sticker at the bottom. It’s also where it says “Assembled in China”.

I also got this one from Alternate (in Gray).

I got two red ESPs from Thalia.
But as apromixately said, just order one and check if its assembled in China. If you want to be extra sure you can open the container and check if there is a sticker with a mac adress.
If you do not have the sticker, chances are high its not an ESP one. When you do have the sticker you can check the mac adress here: Home | MAC Vendor Lookup Tool & API |

I got a red one from Müller, “Assembled in hungary” and with a non ESP MAC adress. I know about the China and MAC, so there was no need for opening the box. I will try Thalia or Alternate. Thank you!

You may also check other Müller locations. I got a blue cc3200 (colour was mandatory!) and it was “Assembled in hungary”.

In grey colour they had two boxes in stock. One was from hungary and one was from china.

Thanks. I am still waiting for the next discount tonget one. Maybe around easter.

Hi, i borgt mine (Pink) from BabyOne a week ago (in store, but didn’t checked the “Made in China” Label). But luckily it was a ESP32.

Unfortunatly it seems to be a used one. PCB date is April 2022 and after the connect to TeddyCloud it announced that it knows 31 Tonies. (I only had 6; 5 from local library an the creative one) Battery is from beginning December 2023.

It was around 78€ with a creative one.

on my box it says “Made in China” :slight_smile: also the tonies logo is on the other half of the Box as well as with other languages on it (English, French, Spanish)

Ours is “Assembled in China” and ESP32. Bought January 2024 at

It seems that the label “Assembled in China” is not a sufficient indicator for an ESP32 device.
I checked the chip vendor of multiple Tonieboxes that have the label “Assembled in China” and a MAC address on the base of the box.
All of them returned the Vendor ID Texas Instruments when I checked with an online MAC tool.
The only Toniebox that identifies as Espressif Inc. is a Toniebox has the label “Made in China”, not “Assembled in China”.

It seems that it would be best to actually check the vendor ID online.

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At the Moment you will get 15% off at You pay 72,24€ in total. Let’s hope for a V4 Box…

It’s a V4. Now I am waiting for my Programmer and my Raspberry.

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No success from Hugendubel :frowning:

Sad. You can still get 12% Discount at


sorry I am new to the topic: Why is V4 the “right” Version?


Short answer: As it is the latest version and from my experience it’s the version which is the easiest version to get it running with teddycloud.

Long answer: From my side… I got two tonieboxes. One v4 and one v1. I am a kind of noob in that stuff, I can follow the documentation easily, but I do not have deeper understanding of this hardware stuff. But after connecting both to teddycloud I can say the following from a perspective of a end user, not developer.

Adapting the v4 was easily possible for me, I only had to buy a cheap clamp to get access to the firmware and teddycloud provides an easy webinterface to fetch and patch and write it. So all in all 2-3h for the complete setup including setting up teddycloud itself.
The v1 needs a special tag connector (expensive) or talent in soldering. I didn’t want to spend such much money for a one time use and my soldering talent… let’s not talk about that. But I was lucky and a friend of me has the soldering talent and the tools for the soldering and is a kind of geek for such tasks. Then you have to install the custom bootloader additionally. All in all it took a way more effort to get it running with teddycloud.

But I am also curious about an reply from one of the revvox team. From documentation view the custom bootloader approach currently provides more possibilities and functionality as far as i understand the documentation.

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There are cheaper clamps available. You could also go this way: 0.35mm resistor wires as Tag Connect alternative - TC2050

But the v4 has the newest hardware stack and a more powerful esp32, which is easier to program for, as there is a good ecosystem around it. So it is future proof. A custom firmware is easier to implement on that box. A custom bootloader may come in the future. But in-memory patching is not possible on the ESP32. But we may implement it over teddyCloud and ship modified firmware OTA.

The CC3200 based ones were also great, especially for the custom bootloader. But not easy to program for and we won’t work on the CFW for it in the future.

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Thank you for your responses; I will then try to get a V4 box and proceed from there.