Issues after switching the SD-Card

Hey guys,
I have just installed the SD-Card adapter in the box according to the how-to´s. I have done a check afterwards and all tonies were working fine with the original card, what means that the attaching was done correct.

I have then inserted a new SD-Card (formatted to FAT32) with a content of copy of the original card. I have put an original tony on it to see if it works, but the box started to blink red, so the new SD seems not to be working.

So I have added the original card again. Unfortunately I have the same issue here too now :frowning: Box is blinking red, Tony is not playing anymore (Original Tony - Original card).

Do you have an idea what I have done wrong ? Have i destroyed the box :open_mouth: ?

Best regards,

EDIT: After restarting the box both cards work. Lessons learned: When changing the card, restart the box :slight_smile: Sorry for the post :slight_smile: