Teddycloud supporting multiple TonieBoxes?


first of all, thanks for the TeddyCloud :slight_smile:

I have patched my v4 Toniebox to use the TeddyCloud and have another v1/2 Toniebox (CC3200) which will be patched soon. (the plan was originally… have some tests with the v1/2 Toniebox (used, no warranty) and leave the v4 Toniebox (new, warranty) as it is… but plans changed as i was impatient…)

All documentation never mentions anything about setting up two tonieboxes within one teddycloud.

As the TeddyCloud gets the original certificates from the toniebox (at least I assume so)… and there is no part where i can add a second set of original Toniebox client certificates… currently only one Toniebox is supported?

If i connect a second toniebox to the teddycloud, the boxine cloud will “think” it’s the same as the first one?

Any knowledge about this here?

Thank you!

you can use as many Tonieboxes with teddyCloud as you want to.

There is only one thing you should know: The box-revision is detected by its certificate. So the firmware updates are shipped based on that.
If you do not enable the OTA option in the cloud settings this shouldn’t be a problem.

Every connected Toniebox will create some entries in the config.overlay.ini with specific paths for the certificates. If you want, that a specific box uses its specific certificate, just change it in the config.overlay.ini. Otherwise, it will use the certs of the first box. This part isn’t documented anywhere yet.

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Ok, thank you. I will have a look wenn the v1/2 box is prepared for Teddycloud :slight_smile:

Current develop version of teddycloud contains a first version of a tonieBox management :slight_smile: multiple tonieboxes can be managed.

As soon as a new box connects to teddycloud it can be managed in the new web gui.

Released with version 0.5.0 https://github.com/toniebox-reverse-engineering/teddycloud/releases/tag/tc_v0.5.0

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